Discover the Best Football Betting Sites in the Market

If you are an avid football fan and like to indulge in a bit of betting, then there are some fantastic betting operators in the market that offer a complete sportsbook for online sports betting. Even if you are a seasoned punter who lacks the incentive to switch from your existing bookmaker to a new one, we would certainly recommend you to browse through the more unique options in the industry, primarily to see if you are missing out on any new features. The modern online football gambling industry is growing at a staggering rate, which is indeed aided by the stiff competition that forces bookmakers to improve their services to meet their clients’ demands.

Football is a global phenomenon that sees billions of fans tuning in to watch different football matches that are played across the planet. It is also one of the primary markets for sports betting, as it is impossible to find a bookmaker that does not offer odds on both the major and minor league football matches. However, there are two different versions of the game, each dedicated towards different sections on the international sporting scene. Regardless of your requirements, all of our recommended online sportsbook offer access to both versions of football, which ensures that you can enjoy wagering on your favourite sports without any limitations.

Best Football Betting Sites 2024
Last Update 18 / 08 / 2023
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European Football Betting

European Football is often considered to be at the pinnacle of the sports pyramid, where the different premier leagues, the World Cup, and other international/domestic matches are closely monitored by millions of punters from all over the world. History has it that Football was played in different forms across Asia and Europe from as far back as 400 BC, which means that the rich heritage has indeed played a pivotal role into enforcing Football as one of the favourite sports of all time. The presence of premier leagues in the European continent has also made football league betting quite a prominent part of online sports betting.

American Football Betting

Punters from the North American continent may sound confused with the usage of the term Football in broader terms, as in the US, Football refers to a game that is inherently different from what is known as Soccer in the country. The American Football betting industry is worth over $100 million, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission, and is largely popular in the USA market. Unofficial figures suggest that the number could be much higher, as there are some estimates that the underground betting market witnesses around $90 billion being wagered through illegal channels, including NFL games and College Football. Due to obvious reasons, the American version enjoys a much broader fan base in America than its soccer counterpart, which means that US punters are more likely to bet on American Football matches.

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Football Betting in India

Indian fans are ultimately crazy about cricket, but with every passing year, football is indeed seeing an upsurge in the number of followers in the country. We should mention that Indian players are more familiar with the European version of the game, rather than its American counterpart. Therefore, leading football betting sites try to cater to the existing fanbase by providing attractive offers that allow punters to try their hand at online gambling with minimal risk.

The sheer choice of football games and the accessibility of online bookmakers have also enabled Indian bettors to bet on their favourite teams and enjoy global market access through state-of-the-art platforms. After the success of the IPL in cricket, the All India Football Federation, in conjunction with various third-party companies and prominent media organisations, launched the Indian Super League (ISL), which is the IPL equivalent league for football in India. The ISL was launched in 2013 and has seen several high-profile names taking part in the league to increase its popularity among the masses. Today, ISL is one of the premier tournaments in the entire world, which sees various domestic clubs fighting it out for the top honour.

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Sports betting is illegal in India, but football betting websites still offer their services to Indian punters through an online platform. While it is unlawful for bookmakers to offer a sportsbook without the consent of the authorities, the Government is mulling a few changes in the existing laws to make sports gambling legal in the country. Therefore, fans of the game can indeed take part in football betting from India, provided they do not break any other stringent laws that are related to international financial transactions and maintaining the integrity of the game.

Football Betting In-Play Odds

Online bookmakers have revolutionised the concept of in-play betting, where punters have the opportunity to bet on matches and their various in-game events through online sports betting websites. Traditionally, sports betting was restricted to wagering on a set of predictable outcomes, where punters had to place their wagers and wait until after the end of the game to redeem their payouts. However, an online platform is significantly different from the traditional bookie, wherein, in-play odds pose as a significant advantage for those who follow the game live and wish to place a wager on a particular outcome.

In-play betting has become tremendously popular over the past decade, and bookmakers have been successful in implementing continuously evolving odds to create an updated and relevant sportsbook. While some online operators offer fixed odds for in-play wagering, other bookmakers act as a betting exchange, where punters create the market for baking and laying the odds on any given outcome. As far as fixed odds in-play odds Football are concerned, the number of in-play odds may be less than other sports, but the maximum odds can reach up to 500.0 for extremely improbable outcomes. Nevertheless, the choice of bets is quite varied, which does present an excellent opportunity for punters to make some serious cash.

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Types of Betting Markets in European Football

Since the duration of a match is under two hours, and there are limited opportunities to score a goal, the choice of odds in a betting market is quite diminutive. The main match odds revolve around the result of a match, the final score, and the number of goals scored by each team/player. All other odds in a game are merely derivatives of the primary match outcomes, with bookmakers creating a market to present an elaborate sportsbook for their clients.

There are more exotic odds that offer high payouts, where bookmakers present odds as high as 450.0 or 500.0, in support of inferior teams winning by a higher margin. Double bets, Half Time bets, and Goal Intervals are some of the common bets offered by online bookies, with some betting operators even providing the option of a Cash-Out before the expiry of the instrument. Cash Out is not available in all markets, as bookmakers may reserve the feature for a select few odds. The Cash Out feature essentially allows the punter to take out their wager and a profit, as long as they feel that they are ahead of the game. Cash Outs are also used if the punter wishes to cut their losses and take an early exit, in the event the match is not developing according to their plan.

Variations in Football League Betting

Both the American and European Football versions have their own major and minor leagues, which sees the involvement of several high-profile players playing for their respective clubs. While American Football leagues involve a substantial amount of money, European Football league betting is the more popular among punters, with several billions of dollars changing hands during a season. Some of the most famous European leagues in Football are scattered across the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, where high-profile transfers of high-value players are reported to be in multiples of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. There are also different regional leagues in countries across Africa and the Asia-Pacific, which constitute both domestic and international matches.

Online football betting websites have dedicated sections in their sportsbooks that are custom-tailored to include matches from all the major leagues in the industry. Some operators also strive to offer minor leagues through their platform, but we always ask our readers to be highly selective in their choice of the betting market. Gambling on football matches is all about having fun and making money while you can, but you should not be forced into placing a bet just because there is an option to do so.

The Minimum Betting Capital for Wagering on Football Matches

While the cash-rich leagues are exciting for fans, the world of sports betting is an even more attractive opportunity for fans to cash in on the action. With the ability to wager from just $1, or $0.10 at some bookmakers, punters are no longer required to have a substantial capital for accessing the betting market. The maximum betting amount per wager is subjective, as it usually depends on the policies of the bookmaker. A bookmaker may also impose maximum limits on the account balances, primarily in a bid to avoid their clients from losing their entire money on matches.

Payments can be made through several forms, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets and bank wire transfer. If you are transferring money from India to an overseas company, always abide by the laws that are implemented for such financial transactions, so that you don’t end up in the wrong side of the law.

Coming up with a Sound Soccer Betting Strategy

Sports betting is a risky market, where punters must accept the risk of loss of their entire betting capital. There isn’t any single strategy in the world that can guarantee 100% profits in football betting, or any other sports for that matter. However, successful punters have come up with several tactics and conservative money management principles, which have enabled them to enjoy consistent results, despite unfavourable circumstances. Therefore, to create a winning strategy, a punter must spend a considerable amount of time into research and analysis of the various statistics available in the market to find a winner, which is known as Handicap betting in the American market. Therefore, with a fairly reasonable idea about the probability of specific events, bettors can take advantage of the odds.

It is also vital for punters to start small and have a budget set for each wager. One of the reasons why professional punters don’t tend to blow up their accounts on any specific outcome is because they are disciplined enough to stick to a predetermined amount of money for every wager. After all, success in football betting is not all about making that single big win, but it is also about going with the flow and making the maximum number of right calls.