bet365 App Review – What is my Verdict on the Mobile bet365 Sportsbook App?

Mobile sports betting is one of my favourite online activities, not only because I am a huge fan of sports, but also since I stand a chance to win some incredible payouts for the right calls.

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Of course, I tend to experience both positive and negative days, but overall, I enjoy betting just like any other punter in the market.

I have tried different bookmaker apps for online sports betting in India, but none are as advanced or resourceful as bet365. There wasn’t even a single instance where I felt that I was making a compromise, which has led me to believe that the bookie is ideally suited for my betting requirements. Of course, the most useful advantage was the availability of a dedicated mobile betting platform, which is undoubtedly the most useful betting app in the entire market. However, I would like to elaborate on my experience of the mobile betting interface and provide you with a first-hand account of all the features that are offered by the app.

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by Akshey

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What are the Different Versions of the bet365 App?

I would always prefer bookmakers that have multiple scalable versions of their sportsbook, as it offers the convenience of accessing the betting markets through different devices. In this respect, bet365 offers three independent versions of its standalone sportsbook app, namely, the website browser interface, the mobile web browser platform, and a dedicated mobile app for iOS devices.

The website browser version works well on both desktop and mobile devices, owing to its responsive design. For my smartphone and tablet, I felt that the mobile apps were the best access points, but the website version was not far behind. Since both the website version and the mobile apps had similar interfaces, I could easily switch between them without any trouble.

Explaining the Functionality & Navigation of the Browser-Based bet365 Version

bet365 mobile version

The website version of the betting platform transforms into a mobile-friendly interface that expands to accommodate the entire space available on a screen. Therefore, the interface usually offers two different displays for desktops and mobile devices. The bookmaker’s website automatically recognises the device and the web browser that is accessing the platform, which allows the company to offer a custom-tailored interface that is best suited to a particular type of device.

I found out that the platform offered for my smartphone is quite similar to the one that was provided on my tablet. Coincidentally, both devices have the same layout and the same set of betting options, albeit with different screen sizes. I was mightily impressed with the smartphone interface for the web, as it is easily the best mobile version in the business.

The top part of the interface is reserved for navigation, which offers different options to tweak your betting experience, including access to account-related information, sports categories, and navigating between in-play and pre-match markets. The navigation part of the interface is quite minimalistic, which allows the company to list all the popular betting markets above the fold.

I would generally bookmark my favourite sports categories through the bookmark option provided in the platform. Once I select my preferred sport, I am granted access to all the scheduled matches for that particular category, including the tournaments, match coupons, and other important markets. All the odds for the relevant markets, along with the match events and outcomes, are offered under their respective groups, which makes it easy to choose any particular game that I prefer.

The bet365 Android App

I was certainly disappointed when I couldn’t download a dedicated bet365 Android application from the Google Play Store, as nothing comes close to having an actual app on your phone. Although opening up the web browser and entering the URL is not inconvenient (I have bookmarked the bookmaker’s mobile URL on my browser), it would be far more comfortable if I had access to a standalone app. I realise that Google has implemented several policies that are designed to alienate any gambling-related apps, and you can download the bet365 Android app directly from their website.

The bet365 iOS App

On the contrary to the Android app, the company offers a bet365 iOS app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, which is compatible with the iPhone, as well as the iPad. The iOS version is designed to have the same layout as the website version. Therefore, I did not have to change my betting preferences on the iOS app and could easily navigate through all the options without any assistance. The iOS app employs the same security features and betting functionalities as its desktop version, which means that I was assured about protecting my personal information from any malicious programs.

Placing a Bet through the bet365 App

To place a bet through the web app, all I needed to do was tap on an event, which opens the bet slip, where I can enter my stake amount, change the bet between standard/banker bet, and place a wager. I felt that the bet slip was more fluidic in nature, as it opens at the bottom of the screen when I choose a market and then minimises to a small banner to keep you undistracted from the odds market. I can access the bet slip at any time by just tapping on the bet slip link, which then allows me to modify my wagers, or exit my stake if the Cash Out feature is supported for that specific market.

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Does the bet365 Mobile App offer Live Streaming?

bet365 does provide live streaming for a few of its games, but I don’t believe they offer such an option for some sporting categories, such as cricket matches or any other more significant sporting events. While I found out that the bookmaker provided live streaming for a few minor league matches, high-value tournaments were strangely removed from this feature. I guess it might have something to do with the broadcasting rights and such, but for the complete mobile betting experience, I really feel that bookmakers must incorporate a live streaming aspect for all sporting events.

bet365 App Compatibility/Download Requirements

The bookmaker updates its web platform regularly and may only be compatible with the latest web browser. The platform also requires Flash and other browser-based extensions, but the interface will prompt you to install any add-ons if needed. As for the iOS version, bet365 requires you to have an Apple device that runs on iOS 8.1 or higher and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The bookie is only accessible to punters who have attained the legal age for gambling.

How to Ensure That Your bet365 Download Is Secure

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  • Almost all forms of payment methods
  • Some of the best odds in the market
  • Live commentary feature
  • Limited live streaming*


*18+; T&Cs Apply.

I have worked with some of the best bookies in the markets, as well as some scam operators, so, I have a reasonably good idea about the importance of protecting your personal and financial information from any malicious companies. The bet365 download is only available for iOS-enabled devices, and if any third-party offers you the option to download the Android app or a Windows app, you should be extremely cautious. You must always verify the source of the download file, and only download or install any application that is hosted on the official website.

Furthermore, you should also verify the authenticity of the web browser app by examining the website information, as scam operators can easily replicate the entire bet365 platform illegally. It is generally easy for scammers to trick unsuspecting users, which is why it is essential to be vigilant while downloading any app. While the company does everything in its power to avoid such issues, it is always a good idea for us, the punters, to be proactive in protecting our identity and our hard-earned money.

My Verdict

The bookmaker is the largest sportsbook in the world, with over 22 million punters using the platform for various sports markets. bet365 is licensed by the UK’s Gambling Commission and Gibraltar’s Gambling Commissioner, thereby ensuring 100% security and reliability for punters’ funds. The betting software also employs the latest security features and encryption protocols, so that all of your transactions are kept private, anonymous, and secure.

The platform also provides the convenience of a 24x7 online customer service portal that is available through the live chat feature. There are other options such as email and phone, but I prefer the live chat function over any other support channels. The bookmaker’s odds have been verified to be among the best in the market, and the company is also a part of the ESSA, which guarantees that the company operates with integrity and honesty. Therefore, in my opinion, I certainly believe that bet365 apps are the most secure and reliable online platforms for mobile sports betting. Both the website version and the iOS platforms are similar in design and functionality, which means that it is easy to switch between the two. The apps are also backed by the company’s unparalleled reliability, thereby ensuring that I had the best platform for my betting needs.


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