Best Cricket Betting Sites in india - How to Choose Them in 2024

Betting on cricket is undoubtedly the most exciting and favourite sport to wager on in India. Even though the game is admired in countries across the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific, nothing can beat the sheer number of Indian cricket fans that are crazy about live cricket betting on the game. With more than a billion-population backing their home team and players, Indian cricket seems to be doing well for itself. However, wagering in cricket betting sites in India is an entirely different ball-game, as punters in India have to overcome several hurdles to bet on the cricket market without any restrictions.

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A Brief Look into the Indian Sportsbook Market

Indian cricket betting sites and fans have always been ardent participants of the sports betting industry, albeit through illegal means. Due to the gambling laws that are implemented by the Indian Government, cricket betting is an unlawful and banned activity throughout the country. Therefore, in the early days, the only option for betting on cricket in India was to approach a cricket bookie that offered underground market access, without the knowledge of the Governing authorities or the law. These cricket betting sites in India are reported to transact billions of dollars’ worth of wagering volumes every year on various games, which also involves several high-profile punters such as celebrities, politicians, and other affluent individuals. Such a betting option had various untold risks, which often led to massive losses and less-than-favourable circumstances for the punters.

However, the penetration of internet among viewers over the last decade has enabled punters to take advantage of various genuine cricket betting sites in India that are available in the market. Best Cricket Betting Sites in India have evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry, where bookies are now capable of offering excellent coverage of cricket games and other sports events through a stable environment. These online bookies are also usually governed by regulations that are implemented by numerous gaming licenses and are frequently audited to ensure fairness and transparency in their operations. Therefore, online cricket betting sites have become a convenient and secure option for bettors from India, as they continue to be used as a popular choice for all types of online sports betting-related activities in the country.

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India - Cricket Betting Sites List

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India

Cricket betting, or any other types of gambling activity that relates to sports, is entirely prohibited in India and can earn significant penalties and prison time for those who break the law. While horse racing is exempted from these restrictions, sports betting, in general, is considered to be highly illegal. There isn’t even a single authorised or licensed cricket bookie in the country, but bookmaker websites utilise the benefits of an online presence to cater to the Indian market.

While there aren’t any specific laws that support the legality of online bookmakers or the regulatory requirements for website betting platforms in India, we have yet to see the Government acting against such online sportsbook operators. Since online cricket bookies don’t have a physical presence in the country, it is difficult for the authorities to bring them under the law. With over a billion-population backing their favourite players by wagering on the performance of the Indian team, it becomes incredibly complicated for the Government to assess every punter in the market individually and stop them from using cricket betting apps in india.

There are rumours that Indian authorities and the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) are introducing new laws to legalise cricket betting in the nation. The primary cause of concern over underground bookies is the threat of match-fixing and financial scams, which have tarnished the reputation of an already risky industry. Therefore, we feel that the Indian authorities are pretty lenient towards online bookies, especially those that are regulated by reputed offshore entities, making it more accessible for the Indian punter. Regardless, punters must ensure that they do not indulge in any illegal activities such as match-fixing, money laundering, or any other dubious transactions.

Cricket Betting Sites in India - Advantages of Online Sportsbooks

The Indian gambling industry has predominantly revolved around local bookmakers for many years, as they were the only option for local punters to gain access to both domestic and international sportsbooks. However, the authenticity of online cricket betting sites was put into question by the various scams and controversies that earned a bad reputation for sports betting in the Indian context. Therefore, with the growth in popularity of online platforms, wagering in the best cricket betting sites in india has achieved a more favourable status in the country. Let us discuss the advantages of online bookmakers over local bookies:

  1. Online sportsbooks are accessible from anywhere in the world, as punters only need a mobile device or a computer/laptop and a reliable internet connection.
  2. The best cricket betting sites in the market are licensed and regulated by renowned gaming organisations, which ensures a secure platform for all bettors.
  3. While local bookies are known to seek hefty investments from their clients for gaining access to the market, most mainstream online cricket bookmakers allow its users to start wagering from just $1.
  4. Online cricket betting sites are capable of providing a live sportsbook that is continuously updated with future match schedules and in-play odds, which is usually not the case with local cricket bookies.
  5. Online cricket betting sites in India provide excellent market choices and excellent odds for several match events, which offers punters the exciting prospect of placing a wager on a wide variety of outcomes and enjoying the best payouts in the market.
  6. We regularly update our cricket betting sites list, so that our readers will have access to the most reliable bookmakers in the industry.

Best Cricket Betting Sites - Find All You Need to Know

We have reviewed some of the leading bookmakers in the market, and only recommend the absolute best options to our readers. Our cricket betting websites list is created to meet the expectations of all categories of punters, regardless of their experience and capital exposure. All of our bookmaker reviews contain detailed information about a bookmaker’s products, platforms, account options, and other specifications, which allows you to choose a bookie that satisfies your requirements.

Do All Online Bookies Accept Indian Punters?

Not all online cricket betting sites in indian rupees accept punters from India, but we always try to recommend companies that accept Indian bettors without any restrictions. Regulatory requirements do force some bookmakers to avoid specific locations, but in most instances, online sportsbooks do make it a point to cater to the Indian market. India is one of the largest markets for cricket betting in the entire sports betting industry, primarily due to the popularity of the game in the region. Therefore, it only makes sense for bookmakers to tap into the highly lucrative Indian cricket fan base. We always keep track of the changes that occur in the market and duly inform our readers about any policy changes from bookmakers, which might make them ineligible for sports wagering in online cricket betting sites in indian rupees.

Cricket Betting Sites - Do the Best Bookmakers Require Verification?

Online Cricket Betting Site Account Verification

The bookmakers from our cricket betting sites list, as all sportsbooks, require their customers to verify their identity, which is standard practice across the industry. While account verification is not an absolute requirement for opening an account and making a deposit, bookmakers will seek all the necessary documents from their clients before making a pay-out. Therefore, punters can bet in the indian cricket betting sites list bookmakers on different markets and access all the games available in a sportsbook without verifying their identity, but they should ensure that they satisfy all the verification requirements before seeking a withdrawal.

Since verification is an essential aspect of online sports betting, we usually recommend all of our readers to verify their accounts before depositing money into them. Account verification can also help in avoiding unwanted hassles at the time of requesting a pay-out. The process of verifying an account is quite easy; all one has to do is send in a copy of their national identifying document to their bookmaker, along with a proof of address, and the bookmaker’s internal verification team will carry out the rest of the verification process.

Account verification is usually completed within a few hours, but it will take longer if the documents are not in order. Allow for some leeway while completing the verification process, but having a verified account will undoubtedly enable account holders to ensure the safety of their deposits.

Online Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees - Payment Options

Indian punters are always concerned about the mode of payments for their online bookmaker accounts, as the Indian Government has implemented several laws concerning financial transactions with international service providers. The safest option for bettors from India is to choose the Indian Rupee (INR) as their preferred account denomination, as it can help in eradicating most of the legal issues that are associated with foreign exchange and overseas currency transactions.

Choose Online Cricket Betting Sites In Indian Rupees For The Safest Gambling Option

Several companies have now made it possible for their clients to make a deposit to their cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees, while several e-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal and Neteller are also following suit. Additionally, bookmakers accept credit/debit card payments, including prepaid cards, which allow users to make a payment in any of their preferred currency by preloading their card. A select few companies may offer a local payment option, but the number of such companies is quite low. Punters can indeed utilise the convenience of a Bank transfer to enjoy a more secure financial transaction, but it can be quite expensive and take longer than any of the other payment methods. The availability of e-wallets and credit/debit cards is certainly far more favourable for users, owing to their speed and security measures.

Punters can also withdraw money from their account in INR, but the withdrawal method must be the same as the deposit. Anti-Money Laundering laws dictate that companies must adhere to various transaction laws for online payments, which also include using a single method for both deposits and withdrawals. While this may be a slight inconvenience for punters who use multiple accounts or cards for online payments, some bookies may assist their clients in facilitating a different withdrawal method, provided; the request is genuine and valid.

Cricket Betting Websites with Bonus - How to Find Them in India

Bonuses are sure-fire ways of increasing your bankroll without risking any of your initial capital on a wager. For instance, some of the leading bookmakers offer up to 25% bonus on deposits, which can go up to 100% in a few cases. Other bookmakers provide bonuses in the form of free wagering credits or no-deposit bonuses, which are once again available with or without investing a single cent in the market. In comparative terms, sportsbook bonuses are massively lower than an online casino bonus, but it can still help you to increase your starting capital by a modest amount.

While bonuses are great for punters concerning exposure and the ability to wager for longer, there is a downside to accepting a bonus. Bonuses are provided by companies to attract new players, but a bookmaker reserves the right to enforce several wagering requirements for such bonuses. It is also not uncommon for companies to implement several wagering conditions, where each sports market contributes differently to the overall wagering volumes. Therefore, punters may not be able to withdraw their money, until all the bonus terms and conditions are satisfied, which primarily acts as a barrier when it comes to requesting a pay-out. Being aware of the bonus terms is of the utmost priority for those who are considering the option of availing a bonus from their bookmaker.

Best Cricket Betting Sites - Different Leagues and Formats in 2024

Cricket is played in different forms, where the match duration ranges from three hours to five days. The shortest format of a cricket match is known as a T20 (Twenty-Twenty), while the longest format is known as a Test match. An ODI (One Day International) is a match that is played over six to seven hours, but the game is completed within a day. A first-class game, sometimes known as Division Cricket or Domestic Cricket, can be anywhere from three to five days in duration, and usually involves domestic teams and players. The T20, the ODI, and the Test matches are the most common and highly popular formats in international cricket, with the T20 format being the most watched and appreciated across the globe.

Indian Premier League logo
Cricket World Cup logo
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T20 logo

There are different tournaments that are attributed to different formats in Cricket, and the popular ones include the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions League, Bi-Lateral Series, Tri-Nation Series, Test Series, the Big Bash League, and the Indian Premier League (IPL). Nevertheless, the cricket calendar is filled with fixtures and schedules that contain both domestic and international matches, which ensures that punters are provided plenty of opportunities to bet on their favourite odds, throughout the year.

Online Cricket Betting Apps - Popularity IPL Cricket Betting

The IPL is the most popular and cash-rich league in the business, where millions of dollars change hands between players, the teams, and the organisers. Other international tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup and the T20 World Cup may have a different allure, but IPL is seen as a book-by-book alternative of the numerous European Leagues that are highly popular in the world of Football. The IPL is a ripe opportunity for all types of bookmakers, as the league sees involvement from various high-profile punters not only from India but also from all over the world.

Cricket IPL betting is an important event for online cricket bookies, as the industry witnesses a surge in activity during an IPL season. The incredible choice of cricket betting games in IPL, which pits the best international players against each other, regardless of their national colours, is one of the main attractions in IPL cricket betting. In spite of the controversies and conflicts that surround cricket ipl betting matches, the market is witnessing a growth in the number of punters, especially from the Indian market. More and more fans are accessing online bookies for their sports wagering needs, and we only expect the trend to continue upwards in the coming years.

How Do Online Bookmakers Generate a Cricket Betting Line?

The cricket betting line is a representation of the list of events, their outcomes and the odds in a cricket match. The betting line is where a punter gets all the information about the betting market available to him/her, and it is usually the most vital metric in the entire sports betting industry. Online cricket betting and sports betting lines vary for games and can also be different from one bookmaker to another. Sportsbooks are usually developed to offer the best odds in the market, but some bookmakers can offer odds that are significantly different from their peers. Cricket bookies generate a line according to the match conditions, but other factors such as the bookie’s analysis, the market preference, and the overall sentiment of its punters also play a pivotal role in the creation of a betting line.

Betting lines are usually generated way in advance by the best cricket betting sites in india and are created by oddsmakers who are pretty experienced in their field. However, for in-play betting odds, these highly trained oddsmakers are capable of reacting to the game environment, which enables them to create a betting line that is more in line with the market expectations. Creating a betting line is a tricky job for a bookmaker, as lower odds can often result in lower pay-outs and diminished betting experience for its customers. Therefore, the best cricket betting sites do have mostly similar betting lines, where the odds are usually comparable to each other. Punters can make use of our bookmaker reviews to understand which bookies offer the best cricket odds in the market.

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Cricket Betting Odds - Take Advantage of the Versatility

Cricket is a game that has many permutations and combinations of events, mainly when one takes into consideration the length of a game, the performance of players, and the overall match outcome. There are twenty-two players in a cricket match (eleven players for each team), along with different in-game results, which means that bookmakers have to create a betting line that contains a wide spread of odds for meeting their punters’ expectations. From a bettor’s perspective, the best cricket betting sites offer the most varied odds and outcomes, as the cricket betting odds can often surpass odds offered in other popular games such as Football and athletics. Therefore, we feel that cricket is one of the best games in the industry for sports betting, especially if you are fond of the game and are capable of following the various fixtures in the schedules.

Live Cricket Betting - Best Platform According to Cricket Betting Sites

Online cricket bookies mostly offer an in-house betting app that houses their sportsbook for both desktop and mobile users. While more and more companies are moving towards a web browser interface for sports betting, they can’t ignore the popularity of mobile apps for smartphone and tablet users, particularly for iOS and Android systems. As a result, punters now have the option of downloading and installing cricket betting apps in india on an Apple or Android device, while desktop users are required to access their accounts through a website version of the betting platform.

There are virtually hundreds of online cricket betting platforms in the market, which makes it difficult to choose one on any single account. Indian bettors have access to some od the best cricket betting sites and bookmaker apps that are offered to global users, which means that you can pretty much choose any platform that you like. You can also get a cricket betting app download by visiting our betting app reviews on our website for some assistance, but make sure that you select a platform that is more suited to your wagering needs.

Customer Service & Dispute Resolution for Punters in India

Cricket betting is not legal in India; neither is it regulated by any Indian authority. Therefore, in case of any disputes with your bookmaker, you can’t expect your Government or the law agencies to step in for you. On the other hand, choosing a regulated and reliable company can help make matters more comfortable for you. For example, the bookies from our recommended cricket betting sites list in india are dedicated to providing a safe and secure sportsbook interface for their clients, where all customer issues are sorted out by the in-house customer service department. Some bookmakers also offer access to a third-party arbitration service, which brings more authority and transparency to the proceedings. Of course, the onus lies on you to choose a reliable company, as there are plenty of deceitful operators that are out there to earn a quick buck.

Future Outlook for Online Cricket Betting Apps and Sites in India

Cricket betting in India gives access to some of the most amazing online service providers that have custom-tailored account options for Indian cricketing fans. Although there are several questions regarding the legality of cricket betting sites in India, the authorities are indeed considering the process of legalising the activity in the country. Until that time, Indian punters can indeed sign up for an account at any of our recommended cricket betting companies, but make sure that you do not take part in any illegal activities that may put you under the scanner.